Entry Requirements:

  1. The event entry fees should be paid in full.
  2. The last date for registering (with payment) for Mumbai’s First Dirt Pump Track Championship is 04th June 2019.
  3. All riders must be of or above the age 14 as of 09-June-2019. ID proof, such as, Adhar Card or Passport copy should be produced when requested.
  4. Each rider, upon registering for the event, agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of riding the distance that is specified for Mumbai’s First Dirt Pump Track Championship.
  5. The organizers may, in their absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse a registration.


  1. Mumbai’s First Dirt Pump Track Championship is an MTB (Mountain Terrain Bike) challenge and only MTBs are permitted in this event. Road, Hybrid, non-gear bicycles and any other bicycles that don’t qualify or are not categorized under MTB are not permitted.
  2. Riders have to make their own arrangements to get there cycles to the flag-off point on time.
  3. Riders will have to take care of their Cycles and belongings during the entire course of event.


  1. The organizer reserves the right to postpone the event Mumbai’s First Dirt Pump Track Championship, due to extreme weather conditions of Force Majeure. In such an event, each participant’s entry will be automatically moved to the rescheduled event.
  2. No refund, exchange or transfer of the event entry fee is allowed if the participant intends to withdraw, not attend or unable to complete the full event due to injury or any other reasons.
  3. If, during the event, the rider decides to withdraw due to ill health or injury, he/she should communicate to the event organizers. Withdrawing will disqualify him/her from the competition and the benefits arising thereof. There will be no refund of the event entry fees.

Ride Communications:

  1. Ride communications will principally be made via email or whatsapp. The rider should therefore provide a valid email address and phone number.
  2. It is the rider’s responsibility to read all information especially Terms & Conditions that is made available on the website www.ghvendeavortrail.com.


Risk & Injury:

The rider acknowledges and agrees that participation in Mumbai’s First Dirt Pump Track Championship is inherently dangerous and that he/she participate in the event at his/her own risk. The risks associated with participating in the event include but are not limited to the risk that:

  1. The rider may suffer from the effects of heat, cold, wind, rain and other weather conditions.
  2. The rider may suffer from physical exertion.
  3. The rider may lose his/her balance and the rider may fall from the bicycle.

And these risks may result in the rider suffering harm including but not limited to death, physical or mental injury, disability, property damage and economic loss. There are other risks to which you may be exposed. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that he/she wears appropriate clothing and safety equipment, including a helmet at all times of riding.